AdvizorStack, a visionary player in the financial technology sector, is proud to unveil a revolutionary solution designed to empower financial advisors in today’s dynamic landscape. Focused on breaking down technology barriers and turning them into steppingstones towards success, AdvizorStack is set to redefine the way advisors navigate the digital age.

In the fast-paced world of fintech, a glaring challenge for financial advisors has been the lack of an affordable platform for trading advisor-driven portfolios. Recognizing this need, AdvizorStack has introduced a game-changing solution.

Paul DeMaio, CEO of AdvizorStack says “This solves a huge need in the space for advisors that want to have the ability to create their own portfolios, create rebalancing rules at the model and individual account level.”

AdvizorStack has selected Qdeck as its primary advisor portfolio manager sleeve, and it now comes as an integral part of the initial purchase of AdvizorStack. This strategic alliance equips AdvizorStack clients with an institutional-grade trade order management system that is agnostic to custodians. This greatly simplifies an advisor’s investment process through one centralized platform.

Jagdeesh Prakasam, CEO of Stated “For over 60 years financial advisors have seen only incremental improvements in technology offerings. Finally, and AdvizorStack have teamed up to deliver a digital framework for financial advisors that captures the ethos and expectations of the next generation of advisors and their clients.”

Nico DeMaio, President, and Founder of AdvizorStack, added “What interested me was the use of generative AI to allow models to create their own weightings, drift thresholds and truly made the advisors life easier. As the next generation of advisors continue to prepare for the great wealth transfer, tools like this are going to be the difference in recruiting advisors and keeping assets at your firm.”

About AdvizorStack:

AdvizorStack was conceived by advisors, for advisors, with the mission to provide an Outsourced Chief Technology Officer for the everyday Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). Historically, only larger firms possessed the capability to craft unified experiences and dashboards. However, AdvizorStack extends this capability to the everyday advisor by creating institutional level contracts and hand selecting vendors to fit the firms’ specific needs. As for financial advisors, AdvizorStack recognizes the challenges of breaking away from the norm and selecting the technology that aligns with your needs.

AdvizorStack is the one stop solution for you to create a wirehouse type home office. Offering support during advisory transitions and handling the implementation and onboarding of advisors onto their new technology stack. We pride ourselves on being your firm’s back office and solving any problem that you present us with to improve you and your end clients’ experience. We stand at the forefront of empowering advisors to thrive in an evolving landscape, leveraging technology to transform obstacles into your success.

About Qdeck:

Qdeck, an innovative FinTech company, harnesses the power of generative AI and investment management technology to empower Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) in enhancing their clients’ digital experiences while seamlessly managing their portfolios. Our Qdeck platform, developed over the course of four years and recently introduced to the market, boasts a robust suite of features including real-time access to financial data, advanced financial simulation and reporting tools, an AI-driven chat interface providing actionable insights, customizable compliance-friendly content, comprehensive client account management, and a fully tailored client portal. With the Qdeck model library at their fingertips, RIAs can effortlessly incorporate advanced portfolio overlays or develop their own custom Robo-advisor, all for a flat subscription fee. Discover more at

AdvizorStack and Qdeck will be discussing generative AI and how AI tools will continue to change the way Financial Advisors do their job on the Adjusted for Risk Podcast November 6th. For more information on AdvizorStack, please feel free to contact the AdvizorStack team at [email protected] or visit our website at or


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